Saturday, November 10, 2007


For this week's IF submission, the topic of "Scale" is presented at 2 levels:

1) "Scale" as a subject matter.

2) "Scale" as an attribute of digital images.

Similar to my IF submissions from previous weeks, the drawings for this week were started at, followed by post-processing with desktop graphics software. Because is a drawing tool based on Macromedia Flash, the resulting images are vector based, and therefore, scalable. The size of the images presented here has been scaled larger than when the drawing was original made at sketchcast. Click these links to view the sketchcast: picture1, picture2 and picture 3. Click the images below to view the larger versions.

During post-processing, the drawings were converted into pixel art, which is less scalable. To make them scalable again, I recently came across another wonderful web-based tool called VectorMagic. This online tool is provided by the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The tool is designed to convert pixel images into vector art using very sophisticated algorithm. Follow these links to view the very scalable versions of this week's pictures: picture 1, picture 2 and picture 3.


giggles said...

Great colors!

Rrramone said...

Those are all nice. I really like the limited depth of field. :-)